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iCalc is what industry leaders and professionals in fire protection use to stay on the cutting edge of engineering productivity.

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You care about your work, and so do we. As engineers ourselves, we strive to produce consistent, reliable and effective systems. Our calculators began as an internal project to give us better results, and now we're passing the benefit along to you.

What our users are saying:

"I have worked with Hasu and [The FSC Family] for many years. Myself and our people rely on their expertise on a weekly and daily basis. When Hasu’s water program hit the industry every AHJ raved on how easy it was to understand. I am sure iCalc will make the same impact on the industry."
-Mike McGuire
President -- McDaniel Company, Inc.

"After working with FSC for 38 years, I have come to trust them for their careful attention to quality and have grown to rely upon their expertise. iCalc is an exciting next step for those of us in the fire protection industry. This will really change how productive I can be at work and look forward to each tool as it comes out."
-Mark Carpenter
President -- Fire Protection Services, Inc.

We help you get the answers you need by doing the heavy lifting of calculations for you.

Simply sit back and design your system, without sweating the small stuff!

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